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Originally Posted by Hari's Chick View Post
This story begins with "it seems".... another unnamed source relays what Britney says during some down time watching Grammy's. I take it all with so many grains of salt, really.

And if she said these things, it is a shame she doesn't have friends who don't sell her out. We should be able to all share thoughts with buddys without them being splashed in the tabloids.

It's pretty sad for Britney, hope she doesn't let it get to her, yeah...
exactly !!!!

even if she said was in a conversation with "sources" LOL... watching the Grammys.

And if she said what she said..isn't it the same as most what is written in this thread or what is written here about Yoko on that so-called lawsuit against some frustrated singer which appears to be only fiction but does have people condemn Yoko.

It's just chit chat and I think most people have sortlike comments when they watch tv with others, but the sad thing is that so called "friends" probably wanna look important and tell the press. I hope my friends do not call the Rotterdam press telling them what FPSHOT said when Celine Dion of Maria Careheeee appear on TV...(thanks to however invented fast remote controls)
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