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Default Re: Concert For George - Fab review

i'm not crying...really! (hides face) gosh that was too beautiful!!!!!!! i was not worthy, but thank-you for sharing the best review yet FPSHOT! *hugs!*

i sure hope George enjoyed the concert, and the fact that it wasn't really advertised anywhere and not shown on the news and was just he's friends and some lucky fans, i think George would've approved and would have been humbled (except maybe the huge pikkis of him- he may have thought that that kind of idolised him and from what i feel about George (but this is just a thought and it's not like i know him that well , i think he'd prefer that they didn't have huge pikkis of him as if to worship him cause George is just so modest and Georgeous and... *blows nose*) hehe! *wipes tears of joy*

God bless you George! heart2;

love m

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