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Default Dang, you want an explanation...I'll do my best here...

Originally Posted by J.Winston.L View Post

I have no idea what you are talking about but I would like hear you explain and/or speculate.
There is this really hack, despicable author named Geoffrey Giuliano who writes a ton of Beatles/John related books, 99% of which are pure garbage. However, he develped some credibility at some point because he apparently obtained John's actual diary through a series of correspondences with a pack of thieves, one of which was none other than Fred Seaman, John's former personal assistant.

Anyways, Fred took John's diary (and a load of other things) after his murder claiming that he was told (by John) to give them to Julian. Jules, to this day, says he has never even seen said diary and etc. and, well, Yoko took Seaman to court in 2003 (I believe) and shade was thrown all over that perp.

But, long story short, this dude Robert Rosen apparently got hold of the diary, and Geoffrey through Rosen.

This book was written (go read the reviews and laugh). And in the book, GG claims John and Linda had an affair at some point during/after The Beatles breakup. Ok, it was something like John went over to their house, Paul wasn't there, Linda invited John in and...well, you know.

But GG claims John had a "thing" for Linda in his book, and I'm just throwing something out there for us to speculate over. Nothing to disrespect John or Linda, or Yoko and Paul. It's all an open book- and that could not be more literal in this case.

Explained enough?
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