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10.Wife-beater-I think it's a fact that he hit Cynthia once in the 50's but she specifically said she never hit her again. I don't think there's ever been any reliable or credible evidence that he hit Yoko so that's that.
9.Emotionally Abused His Son-Yeah. It's pretty much beyond dispute that he wasn't very attentive to julian throughout his life. That's not emotional abuse though. Millions if not billions of dads are suprisngly akward and emotionally distant to their children esp. sons. My dad hardly said a word to us when we were growing up. He just sat there at the dinner table with a miserable look on his face. That's life.
8.Pathological Liar-"Everyone does this to some extent". Nuff said.
7.Broke Up the Beatles-Actually that's sorta true but as John himself said "It's not the end of the world" or a crme against humanity. It's not even immoral!!!
6.Politically Clueless-I actually pretty much agree with this. I find his behaviour around the end of the 60's early 70's a bit embarrasing. He was being arrogant and dogmatic and to acheive things politically you need to think and act with a sophisticated stratergy not jut go round saying whatever you think.
5.Talentless-Strangely enough he wasn't. He actually wrote aand co-wrote a rich and varied collection of songs throughout his life some of which were indisputably works of complete and utter genius. He also had the talent to pick up other people's songs, obviously Paul's mainly, and perform on them with remarkable ease.
4.Follower Not a Leader-He also wore the same style of hat as Bob Dylan for a while.
3.Mindless Conformist-Maybe some truth in that but so what?
2.He happily went along with the Beatles’ haircuts, suits, and calculated image-He went along with it. True. He wasn't happy about it though. Hardly 'unpleasant' though.
1.Hypocrite-Mmh! Maybe some truth in some of that esp. the possessions but it's not like it really matters when it comes to listening to his music.
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