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Dear misfit, thank you for bringing this to our attention. But, you know, as Lennonistas/ists I think we are all aware of the many bright and dark sides of John's persona. It was the complexities that made him so fascinating. The struggles to right the wrongs, or to fight the bad. Instead of delving into that darkness and doing something destructive, he chose to focus his energy on POSITIVE and extremely meaningful messages.

Anyone who gives enough of a care to humanity the way John did does not deserve to have every sin listed out and aired for the public to pounce on, but it happens. Sad reality of being an icon.

But when I hear people singing along to his words, humming his music, and using his songs and art to spread messages that give light, happiness, and joy out into the world...I just look at these negative a-holes/non-entities who have accomplished nothing but disparaging nastiness and, well...

Let me recycle a confession I actually made to the Beatles Confessions tumblr a while back. I meant it then and every word stands now:

"Let me live in you..." ~ John Lennon

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