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Uploading Files

If you are uploading an album or multiple related files, it is easier to zip them first before uploading. One file.
If you have Windows XP or Vista, it has a built in ZIP program. But they call it "compressed folder."
If you have another system, look up 7-zip. It's free, supports many formats, and cross-platform.

For uploading most files, I use MediaFire. You can upload as many as you want, they don't delete them, the only limitation is the file needs to be under 100 MB.

Also it's a good idea to register for an account, so you don't hafta keep re-uploading if you lose the link. (I also use it for homework. I upload schoolwork on the site and download it to work on at home.)

For bigger files:

a) If it is an album or several files, you can create several zip files instead of one.
b) If it's one file, try another file-hosting service. (Click here for a list, and choose your own!)

When uploading albums, if you have the cover art or tracklist, please include them. :)
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