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Originally Posted by wildewoman View Post
Strangely enough, I was on a Facebook debate yesterday discussing the merits of gun control and the 2nd Amendment. The original post was nothing related to John, but let's just say that the day on which this debate occurred gave my arguments an extra edge. I was really feeling it.
Good for you, fighting the good fight! I've told you guys this before, but back in the early '80s I used to have a gun control bumper sticker on my Honda CVCC hatchback, and I used to hear such abusive remarks... usually from young, redneck-y looking dudes, of which there are (thankfully) very few in the 323 area code... but they somehow all found me!

I dug what Bob Costas said the other day... and what I love the most is that he doesn't give a F#@% what his critics say... he knows he's right.

Why is it that "born-agains" are almost always such gun advocates? But I digress...
The major hypocrisy of the "right-to-life" movement, eh? They usually support capital punishment too, don't they?

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