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Originally Posted by jesgear View Post
Personally, my favorites as far as The Beatles' story are Anthology (of course) and also a book by Keith Badman (I forget the name; I'm not at home). It's made up of articles about and quotations made by The Beatles and others around them. It's an interesting read.
Perhaps you mean Keith Badman's The Beatles: Off The Record, volumes 1 & 2? In that case I agree, those are very interesting books, based on interviews with the guys themselves and others. I have volume 2 myself (The Beatles: Off The Record 2; The Dream is Over) and it's very interesting. I haven't been able to get my hands on volume 1, it seems to be out of print or something.

Personally I also like the Beatles Anthology (probably my favorite) and Hunter Davies' book. I own the Philip Norman book, but the truth is I was 13 when I read it (which was 22 years ago!) and I don't really remember what I thought of it. I have heard people say that Norman is rather negative towards Paul and that the book might not be totally objective. I seem to recall that Norman didn't talk to any of the Beatles for the book... But like I said, I haven't read the book for a very long time, I should probably read it again and form an opinion.

I can also recommend Barry Miles' book about Paul McCartney; Many Years From Now. It is a good book, very interesting!

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