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Originally Posted by 4iiiis View Post
Yuka Honda, huh? Love the name, since I drive a Honda How long did they go out together? She looks like a good match for Sean. Is she older than him? I wonder why it didn't work out for them. I would love to hear more Ciba Matto, def! Thanks so much for your generous reply
I believe Sean and Yuka were a couple for about 3 years, from 1996 to about 1999. She is the one who sings with him on the song "Into The Sun." Yeah, she was about 15 years older than! I don't really know anything about their relationship. I think they began as in a creative partnership, shifted to romantic, and then went back to creative. They're still great friends and work together often. In 2007, she produced the collaborative album by Irina Lazareanu and Sean, and has sometimes appeared as a member of the GOASTT on some appearances.

Yuka is married to Nels Cline of Wilco. Sean, I believe, introduced them. :)

I'm going to send you some more stuff. What'd you think of what you got so far?
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