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Originally Posted by spideydan View Post
Hi Lucy and thanks for your comment. Well at first I guess it does kind of sound far fetched, that a well known multimillionaire music icon named Phil Spector would pay a team of professional mafia hit men to kill off his newly departed, biggest musical act that he ever produced, John Lennon or how I knew him as Winston. But you need to take into consideration that Spector is a certified bi-polar convicted murderer who also prayed on numerous music industry acts during the 1980's to produce their work. Often waving his gun in their faces to get his point across. Phil would always have a couple of his mafia bodyguard goons with him at all times in Manhattan and he also was tied with the likes of Morris Levy founder of Roulette Records, who like Spector swindled their musical acts out of millions of dollars in unpaid royalties with the help of the mafia. There was a lot more going on behind the scenes with Spector, Winston and the Yippies that's all explained in "Dr. Winston O'Boogie". Peace Out. Danny Carlson
Hello thanks for the response. I recall from Spector's murder trial that he was a gun-waving loon. I have no doubt about that.

When thinking about the horror that is John's murder, I think the explanation that MDC was a total evil nasty nutjob is more acceptable to me than the theory that he was hired to do the deed by someone such as Spector. Although I have never heard or considered Spector as someone involved before this, I have read other theories on the topic that I just couldn't reconcile. Not that I can reconcile his murder in any event.

I don't know anything about this Yippies business so won't comment.

I presume that your book has photos, files, documents etc to back up these links and theories.

In respect of CWW's comments and your feelings of being insulted, when it comes to anything "John"....or anything Beatley at all in fact.....people can get passionate and can get vicious. We're an obsessed and protective bunch, us Beatles fans. I think there will be a lot of mixed reaction to your work and certainly I hope you have a thick skin.
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