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Originally Posted by CWW View Post
What utter crap!! The yippies?! John Lennon performing in disguise under his well known pseudonym - even featured on the back of his album covers?! A planned Beatles Reunion for May Day?! Someone has obviously been smoking a bit too mucn dope here and it is not the Real Dr Winston!!

I notice you have put a registered sign after Dr Winston O' Boogie - i hope you dont think you have a claim or right to the name? You are a petty crook just trying to make some money off John Lennon and leveling spurious actions against Phil Spector (kick a guy when hes down all in the intrest of TRYING to make yourself some money) Shame on you!! I doubt anyone will be sucked in by this garbage, even the conspiracy theorists will laugh at this..

Find it disgusting and morally reprehsible you'd try to peddle your vile work of fiction on a beatles site - trying to profit from Johns Murder and making false accusations against Phil Spector!!

Hope youve got a good lawyer, you will soon have Yoko and Phil's legal teams after you!! :D

First off it's easy for someone like you to hide behind a computer, use a fake avatar name and act like you work in the music industry. But you don't.

What gives you the right to insult me or my work and act like you're a big John Lennon fan when you are so filled with hate yourself.

You don't really seem like you are too educated in copywrite or trademarks laws to make the statements you're spewing right now and I really doubt if you hold any intellectual properties yourself.

If you're a friend of Phil Spector that's enough right there to know what kind of a slime-bag you both are. He knows what he did and for you to defend him makes you as guilty as him. It's about time the true story got out and people like you aren't going to stop it from being told.

You crossed the line with your insults and I must have really hit a nerve of thruth for you to overreact like this.
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