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Originally Posted by spideydan View Post
Hi Lucy and thanks for your comment. Well at first I guess it does kind of sound far fetched, that a well known multimillionaire music icon named Phil Spector would pay a team of professional mafia hit men to kill off his newly departed, biggest musical act that he ever produced, John Lennon or how I knew him as Winston. But you need to take into consideration that Spector is a certified bi-polar convicted murderer who also prayed on numerous music industry acts during the 1980's to produce their work. Often waving his gun in their faces to get his point across. Phil would always have a couple of his mafia bodyguard goons with him at all times in Manhattan and he also was tied with the likes of Morris Levy founder of Roulette Records, who like Spector swindled their musical acts out of millions of dollars in unpaid royalties with the help of the mafia. There was a lot more going on behind the scenes with Spector, Winston and the Yippies that's all explained in "Dr. Winston O'Boogie". Peace Out. Danny Carlson
What utter crap!! The yippies?! John Lennon performing in disguise under his well known pseudonym - even featured on the back of his album covers?! A planned Beatles Reunion for May Day?! Someone has obviously been smoking a bit too mucn dope here and it is not the Real Dr Winston!!

I notice you have put a registered sign after Dr Winston O' Boogie - i hope you dont think you have a claim or right to the name? You are a petty crook just trying to make some money off John Lennon and leveling spurious actions against Phil Spector (kick a guy when hes down all in the intrest of TRYING to make yourself some money) Shame on you!! I doubt anyone will be sucked in by this garbage, even the conspiracy theorists will laugh at this..

Find it disgusting and morally reprehsible you'd try to peddle your vile work of fiction on a beatles site - trying to profit from Johns Murder and making false accusations against Phil Spector!!

Hope youve got a good lawyer, you will soon have Yoko and Phil's legal teams after you!! :D
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