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Originally Posted by maxeythecat View Post
You've got to be kidding....I suppose Santa Claus conspired to kill off Mccartney back in '66 then too? Don't think so.
Hi maxeythecat, If your serious about finding out about Spector and his evil ways, just do a search on Google about his murder trial and you'll find out a lot more. Just check out this link for instance.

As far as the Paul is dead magazine that first came out in 1969, then reprinted again in the 1970's about secret messages in Beatles songs and their albums covers. I asked Winston about it in 1980, if it was really true that Paul died and was replaced by a double. In which Winston replied laughing.... "Well I'm sorry to say that... no, it's not true."

There is a chapter in my book "Dr. Winston O'Boogie" about the whole Beatles secret messages and for the first time "the turn me on deadman" white album mystery is finally explained. Danny
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