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Default Hello from another Paperback Writer!

Hi there, I am pleased to introduce myself to the community as I have been a Beatles fan all my long life (now fifty something!) Your webmaster has given me permission to introduce myself and also the the novel I have written called ‘Sixth Beatle - When Music Changed the World’. The supporting website is

The song ‘All You Need is Love’ and the Beatle John Lennon are inspirational to its young central character. He’s a genius boy musician - christened Sixth Beatle - by his Liverpool dad. Worried that so many gifted musicians seem to die relatively young - inc John Lennon himself - the boy sets out to write the perfect piece of music before he dies young.

Beatles fans will enjoy it, but it’s not fan fiction, as such. It’s just that John Lennon and some of the Beatle’s music is an inspirational driver for the plot. There is a significant meeting with John Lennon and the central character, however, and the boy’s mother is a Beatle’s nut. But if you think you’d enjoy a music themed novel with some references, but not drenched in Beatles stuff then this could be for you!

On Friday and Saturday this week 18th/19th Oct I am giving it away free in Kindle form. Yup, free! So if you have Kindle then there you are! I’m doing that two day free special to help me get some reviews and word of mouth buzz going about the book, so fans like you should be the recipient of that freebie in my view. But if you do get it for free, any subsequent review would be much appreciated. It's easy to search for on both and - Sixth Beatle.

Thanks and have a lovely day!
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