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Default 12 Arnold Grove before George

Hi all

I have posted this link before

It is a soldier who died during WW1 who lived at 12 Arnold Grove.

I have been researching two war memorial in Liverpool and stumbled across this man. Some of you may be interested to learn about this man who once lived in George's house.

William Coleman enlisted into the 20th battalion of the Kings Liverpool regiment on 25 May 1915, as Private 29172. He gives his age as 17 years. William is 5 feet 2 1/4 inches tall and has a scar on his abdomen.

His father is listed as John Coleman of 12 Arnold grove, his mother is listed as deceased. He has two brothers James and John with no address listed. And three sisters Mary and Elizsabeth of 12 Arnold Grove and Alice address unknown.

William trains with the Kings Liverpool regiment then on 30 March 1916 he sails from Folkstone UK aboard S.S INVICTA to France. His regiment is at Etaples, France on 31 march. They will see action on the Western Front as the year goes on.

On 11 November 1916 William leaves Le Touquet France for England. Once there he is transferred to The 4th Northern General Hospital in Lincoln suffering from Trench foot. he spends 8 days in the hospital.

William is in the UK until leaving for France for a second time on 30 May 1917. where again he sees action on the Western front.

On 29 March 1918 he is transferred to the North Staffordshire Regiment as Private 41818. Basically they where boosting the Infantry for attack and William was selected. Just 17 days later Willian went missing in action presumed dead on 15 April. His bady was later found and he was buried at Bailluel Communal Cemetery Extension ( Nord ) in France.

This letter is dated 19 March 1919 listing William's father John.

This letter is dated 18 September 1919 listing William's friend D.M Dilworth

Laburnum Grove is very close to Arnold Grove

Reciept for William's War medals. Again signed by his friend.

Now in the 1901 census listed at 12 Arnold Grove are..................
Charles and Mary Hickson, both aged 26. Charles is a Coachman.They live with their son Charles aged 2. So a few more who lived in George's house.

Interesting in 1901 in the house next door at Number 10 Arnold grove is a Harrison family. I have no idea if they are related to George? I know his nan once lived in Albert Grove behind Arnold Grove.

the Harrison family at number 10 is................................................ .....
William 39 and Margaret 35. William is a Corporation Tram Driver and he was born in Manchester. Their children are John 16 ( Grocer Shop Boy ) Ruth 9, Isabella 3 and charlotte 2 months.

In 1891 Arnold Grove was not there. I have yet to check 1911.

Well I hope somebody finds this interesting. Its nice to see who was there before George.


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