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Oh and as many of you already know,The Beatles fake cleaned up image that Brian Epstein created in their early days was a joke! Like a pimp playing a priest! They were always very wild in their personal lives,even when they were playing in Hamburg Germany from 1960-1962 8 hours a night taking speed pills to stay awake to do it,and playing in sleazy strip clubs going to bed with the srippers,and many young women groupies and when they played in The Cavern in Liverpool from in the very early 60's they had sex with many young women groupies who were at the Cavern.Paul McCartney says in Hunter Davies book,The Beatles that he had sex at only age 15 in 1957 with a girl who was older and bigger than him in her house while she was babysitting her siblings. It was very uncommon for a 15 year old boy to have sex at only 15 in 1957.He said he bragged about it soon after to his class mates and he said he was like the first one in his class to get it as he called it.He said I suppose 15 is a bit (just a bit!?) young to get it.He also said that he and his friends got into strip clubs when he was like 13!

He also said that his mother found a nude drawing of a woman that he did in his coat pocket when he was like 12,he said he was the lad who drew them in his class.And when his mother confronted him and asked him did you do this,he lied and said no it was a boy in his class,but a few days later he admitted that he did it,and he said the shame was terrible.

When they toured from 1963-1966 they were even more wild having sex with *tons* of young women groupies,and many were under age teen girls.And before they started smoking pot,and later taking LSD,during their early years they loved to drink a lot of Scotch and Coke.

It's really ironic too that Brian created this fake cleaned up image for them in their early days,because Brian seemed so respectable and classy,but was also very wild in his personal gay sex life.He sadly got beaten up by violent lovers,and had tons of affairs,in Hunter Davies great only authorized Beatles 1968 biography,he says that in the summer of 1967 not long before Brain died,he called up a call boy service!

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