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Nope. I've been a Beatles fan for over 30 years, and I relate to the songs as songs. If I hear them in ads, I gloss over them. The songs came before the ads in my consciousness, and that is how they stay, pure and unsullied. (That goes for other groups too -- I don't, for instance, think of the various CSI shows whenever I hear the Who, even though I know a bunch of their songs are used as show themes!)

Frankly, I never think of sneakers when I hear Revolution, never think of any other products when I hear other songs. I'd be hard-pressed to tell you what Beatles songs have been used in commercials other than Revolution being used to sell sneakers, actually.

I do agree, though, that newer fans, who maybe didn't have a "relationship" with the song before they heard it in an ad, will forever associate it with commercials...which is really kinda sad.
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