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Originally Posted by AmericanBeatle
Here's the thing that really gives me a wedgie about the commercialization of Beatles tunes. . .Now, instead of feeling the song (be it Revolution, Here, There and Everywhere, Got to Get You Into My Life, Hello, Goodbye) as I did when I first heard them. . you know, letting the song paint its picture in my mind. . .I now think of sneakers (when I hear Revolution) or potato chips (Here, There and Everywhere).

Thank you bankrupt King of Poop!

What next. . .Why Don't We Do It In The Road for an asphalt product?
Do you really? I dunno, I still feel the same about Beatles songs even if they've been used in commercials because I don't associate them with the products in any way. They are too ingrained in my consciousness as something totally other than advertising that I just kind of gloss over them if I hear them in ads. The ads certainly haven't changed my perception of the songs.
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