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Default "Hello, Goodbye" Being Used For Chase Bank Commercial

Look what we heard on the radio and saw on the telly: a really bad version of "Hello, Goodbye" being used for Chase Bank. Who owns the rights to the song? Michael Jackson. Or did he sell the rights to "Hello, Goodbye" to Sony. Are they to blame for this?

"Hello, Goodbye" Being Used For Chase Bank Commercial

April 17, 2006--Chase says hello to Michigan next week as 258 Bank One branches in the state are changed to Chase, the consumer and commercial banking brand of JPMorgan Chase & Co.

The name change results from the 2004 merger of Bank One with JPMorgan Chase. The April 24 brand change in Michigan and Florida completes the shift to the Chase brand of more than 1,900 Bank One branches in 17 states.

Marketing blitz

Chase kicks off its advertising campaign April 17 with a 30-second television commercial that invites current and new customers to come into the bank's offices and say "Hello" to the new brand. The commercial is set to a rendition of the Beatles' 1967 hit song, "Hello, Goodbye." Starting in May, commercials will highlight Chase's products and services.
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