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Sad news. Confirmation that the set does indeed use the 2009 remasters and not the unique mixes created by Capitol:

The reasoning being that as the US masters were created from 2nd/3rd/4th generation tapes, the source material simply wasn't of the standard to warrant a thorough remastering (strange how that has changed in the decade since The Capitol Albums).

“Many of the songs used on the original U.S. albums were made from second, third, and even fourth-generation tapes. In compiling this box set, the decision was made not to remaster from the original Capitol master tapes. While doing so would have been the easiest way to go, it would not have created the best possible listening experience.”

The booklet continues, explaining their reasoning: “In an effort to preserve the original intentions of the band, and the producers, the masters used in this box set are, in most cases, the same as the stereo and mono remasters released in 2009 as part of the Parlophone/Apple Corps. Catalog, all approved by George Martin and the Beatles. All the duophonic mixes have been replaced with the approved stereo mixes when available and some mono mixes in the few instances where no true stereo mix exists.” In conclusion, it says, “Great care was taken to preserve the specific mixes and edits that make these U.S. Albums unique. These tracks, originally sent to the U.S. by George Martin, have been remastered from the original 1960s U.S. master analog tapes. They have been combined with the U.K approved masters to reproduce the same sequence, order, and levels as presented on the U.S. Beatles albums. The original U.S. albums were used as models and set the overall direction for the process.”

It still isn't crystal clear exactly what has happened though - yes, they will be the 2009 remasters, but it also sounds like that have done some tinkering to make them sound like the US mixes?

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Ivan Capitol is Capitol
Which was owned by EMI, which also owned Parlophone. Yes, those later albums were released by Capitol in the US, but they were practically identical to those released by Parlophone in the UK. If the box set was a "complete" Capitol set then buyers would be purchasing some of the exact same albums they already own in the form of the 2009 remasters. I believe the use of the word "complete" in the opening post refers to the completion of releasing the albums that are unique to the US.
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