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Welcome to Links! And happy sweet 16! :)

Originally Posted by snwmke1001 View Post
It's me and my fraternal twin sister sweet 16 and i need some help thinking of songs for friends and family!
so far i only have some ideas for my mom. which out of these songs is the most heartfelt to give to a loving caring mom?

mom- you raise me up- josh groban,
or because you loved me- celine dion?

also can anyone think of songs you would dedicate to:

1)dad (i sometimes fight with but i love him all the same)
2)older sister
3) brother
4)funny uncle
5) aunt
6) funny cousin and his family (3 kids and girlfriend)
7) good friends we love
8) Spanish grandparents

any and all help for any of these would be appreciated!!!!!
Here's a nice one for a dad... it always reminded me of my Dad...

Here's a good brother/sister one. :)

I can only think of this sister song, lol.... (Not much help!)

I forgot about that one... this reminded me!


my favorite BFF song is Weezer

The one that reminds me of my Mom is this one..
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