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Originally Posted by 4iiiis View Post
I concede defeat AppleScruff! I thought I could picspam, but you are THE QUEEN! Sorry, I have not been online much lately....lost my job, water shut off this morning, electric going soon...**sigh** sorry, I'm not in very cheery mood, so please forgive me if I am absent from the board for awhile. I have to knuckle down or else my three cats will be out on the street, turning tricks ;-) (NO not THOSE kind of know; 'sit', 'roll-over', 'shake a paw', 'meow!'...)
lol! "Concede defeat?" I wasn't competing with you silly 4iiiis! I LOVE all your threads and posts. You inspired me is all. I would much rather lay dormant and read other people's threads and now I am so into making threads and posting. Thank you.

I am so sorry about your job. A wonderful friend of mine recently lost his job as well and he feels very lost right now. But I keep telling him that, for many people, these times are so unpredictable and scary and it isn't easy keeping your chin up but trying to is the way to go without really losing your mind. I hope for BOTH of you that things come to fruition soon. I hope to see you on here again.
"Let me live in you..." ~ John Lennon
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