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Originally Posted by I am the Paulrus View Post
George's "Rocky" Fender Stratocaster from MMT

On the above link I posted about JL psychedelic Rolls on display.

They also mention on the website: "Fender "Stratocaster," played by The Beatles, Magical Mystery hand-painted."

I am inquiring about two Beatles guitars that I saw mentioned on the website:

1."a Fender Guitar Given to John Lennon. (Returned to Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick after Lennon's Death)."

What I would like to know is who was it that gave this Fender Strat to John and when?

2."Fender "Stratocaster," played by The Beatles, Magical Mystery hand-painted."

Am I to believe that this would be George Harrison's "Rocky" Fender Strat that he used in MMT and that he handpainted himself? What I would like to know is this the original or a replica? I had always thought "Rocky" was still in the posession of The Harrison Estate at his mansion at Friar Park in England. I have seen pics of GH with is guitar collection from the '80s and '90s and in the pic I saw "Rocky". Or did the Harrisons sell "Rocky" to someone else? Please help me solve this.

It's probabaly late replying now (3 years!) and its just a guess, but seeing as no one else has answered your first question..

Im guessing Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick gave John lennon the fender while they were recording during the Double Fantasy sessions with John in 1980..they did Im losing you etc which finally surfaced on the John Lennon anthogy and is far superior to the Double fantasy verison if you ask me..i wish they had of done the whole album(s). I think producer Jack Douglas had brought them in but either Yoko or John (or both) thought Rick's guitar sound sounded too much like cold turkey..and thats a bad thing?!

That's probably why it says the guitar was returned to Rick Nielsen after John's death..

Cheap Trick are a great band..was just listening to their song "Woke up with a monster" which has some very Lennon sounding vocals and an "im losing you/cold turkey' kinda feel to it..
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