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Originally Posted by El Gos Coix View Post
Hey, Hari's Chick! Great Rocky! Great idea! I bow low before you! In fact, I'm heavily tempted to plagiarize it with my uke!

At the "Concert for George", if I remember it well, Dhani played a big acoustic guitar with a heart-shaped hole, which I've always thought was George's (I don't really know why, I may have seen him playing it). Is it a Zemaitis? It looks like it could be, but I don't know much about those guitars. Also, I think the first of George's 12-string Rickenbacker guitars was somewhere on the stage, on a guitar stand.

I must watch that DVD again. Both because I haven't seen it for a while, and to look for that Rocky in Andy Fairweather-Low's hands. As I said, I'm not sure, but I think he does play it at some moment (while sitting, and probably playing slide... Wasn't Rocky set to play slide?)
i also bow before your Uke making/painting abilities!!

it looks just like a minature Rocky!! and on a Uke!! George woulda loved that combination!! :)
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