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Default The Beatles Remasters CDs - Help Me Understand-LOL

Hello Everyone,
I'm trying to build my Beatles CD collection but I have a few questions. Sorry if I ask newbie questions that I should already know. I have owned most of the 1987 U.K. releases on CD for years. Last month, after reading many reviews, I purchased "The Capitol Albums Vol. 1&2" . I have to admit that they did sound like I remember my parents' albums sounded only better (We had 8 track tapes back then). I hate that they stopped at Rubber Soul on Vol.2. I so wanted to continue with Yesterday & Today and so on. My question here is, are there any releases on CD that use the Capitol versions past Rubber Soul?
My goal is to own the stereo and mono U.K. boxed sets in the future. I have read some really good reviews for them both. Are they a great improvement on the 1987 versions? Where would you recommend that I purchase them for the best price but without getting a fake set? Are there any other CDs or sets that are recommended? Thanks for any help.
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