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Default Hard...easy? Easy....hard?

What are some songs that you thought would be hard to play, but ended up being pretty easy? And what were some songs that you thought would be easy that were hard? I'm constantly surprised when I try to play songs that they're not always what I would expect! (Oh, and what instrument do you play?)

I play bass and the two I thought would be hard, but are so so so easy are "Taxman" and "Come Together". Once you learn the basic pattern, they're a piece of cake and people who don't play are SO impressed with them!

Songs that are harder than I thought they might be are "With a Little Help From My Friends" and "Something"....I'm in the process of learning "Something" now and it's killing me...the bass is so fluid and adds so much to that song that I never really noticed until I started trying (and failing) to play it myself.
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