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Originally Posted by Ketman View Post
I think the Stones were a great live band, probably better than the Beatles. They put on a real show, no doubt about it. I went to the free concert in Hyde Park in 1969, and I can testify to that. But in the end, it's the recorded legacy that counts. Songs like "Satisfaction" "Get off My Cloud', "Ruby Tuesday", etc, are great - so long as it's the Stones doing it. Their songs don't have that stand-alone quality of the Beatles' material. How many covers can you name of Stones songs? There must be some, but offhand I can't think of any. By contrast, the Beatles wrote the most covered songs of all time. A covers band has to be pretty incompetent not to sound good playing "Penny Lane" or "Norwegian Wood" or "Day Tripper", because of the sheer musical craft that went into their composition. Stones material is much more fragile. To sound good singing it, you have to be the Stones.

When The Beatles were playing live in 63,64, 65& 66 they had very limited primitive sound systems at the time,only 100 watt amplifiers,(and George Harrison says in the excellent video series,The Beatles Anthology that special 100 watt amplifiers were made for their August 1965 Shea Stadium concerts,and he said they went up from the only 30 watts before!) no feedback monitors so they couldn't even hear themselves play and sing(yet they amazingly managed to sing and play in sync and in tune with each other anyway!) plus all of the screaming from the crowds.

In their January 1969 live rooftop concert they sounded great, the sound systems had improved some by then ,although still pretty primitive compared to today's, and there were no screaming crowds anymore.

When I was a teenager I met 3 people who saw The Beatles in concert, 2 saw them in 1966 and 1 saw them in 1964, they all told me they could see and hear them and that they were great.

On the site Artist Facts in The Rolling Stones section a guy from Canada said he saw The Beatles in concert in 1966 and The Rolling Stones in 1996(and the sound systems by then were a million tines better!) and he said they both were great but he said The Beatles were The *GREATEST* Band ever.

And former Kiss guitarist Bob Kulick who produced the heavy metal tribute Beatles album,Butchering The Beatles, said he saw The Beatles at Shea Stadium in 1966 and he said he only heard them in bits and pieces but he could hear parts of Baby's In Black and Paperback Writer and he said they sounded amazing. He also calls them the *GREATEST* band ever.

And also in the excellent Beatles Anthology video series , they show The Rolling Stones playing live The Beatles I Wanna Be Your Man,and then they showed The Beatles playing it( although not live it was from their recording although other live Beatles performances from around this same time,they sounded better than The Rolling Stones sounded here,they were playing longer at this pointThe Rolling Stones had only been playing together for about a year or so),The Rolling Stones on these limited sound systems didn't sound too good.
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