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I think the Stones were a great live band, probably better than the Beatles. They put on a real show, no doubt about it. I went to the free concert in Hyde Park in 1969, and I can testify to that. But in the end, it's the recorded legacy that counts. Songs like "Satisfaction" "Get off My Cloud', "Ruby Tuesday", etc, are great - so long as it's the Stones doing it. Their songs don't have that stand-alone quality of the Beatles' material. How many covers can you name of Stones songs? There must be some, but offhand I can't think of any. By contrast, the Beatles wrote the most covered songs of all time. A covers band has to be pretty incompetent not to sound good playing "Penny Lane" or "Norwegian Wood" or "Day Tripper", because of the sheer musical craft that went into their composition. Stones material is much more fragile. To sound good singing it, you have to be the Stones.
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