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Originally Posted by Middle8 View Post
The albums in Volume 3 will be:

Yesterday and Today
Let me try.
The albums in Volume 3 will be:
Yesterday and Today...
Hey Jude
A Hard Days Night

Which will be the final in the Capitol series. They don't bother releasing all the 70's releases because
A. They were crap and
B. They were released worldwide and any releases of these albums are in the hands of Aplle/EMI.

The third volume will be released in November 2006 after the U.K. remasters.

In June Apple/ EMI and Capitol in the U.S. will release "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" in both mono and stereo. Followed by the rest of the U.K. catalogue.

"Live at the hollywood bowl" will be released sometime next year, followed by "the christmas collection" .
After that every fan will be satisified, hadn't it been for the exclusion of "Revolver" on the Capitol box set.
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