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Originally Posted by KEROUAC View Post
I don't agree with higbal's theories as you might be overthinking it. To me "You better see right through that mother's eyes" just means "Don't be fooled by Paul's charm and pretty looks - see beyond it". i.e "I can see right through that motherf***er"
Thanks for that Kerouac. At the moment I'm trying to clarify hibgal's interpretation to try and see if I can agree with it.

I agree with you though when you say this is a very direct song and there's a danger of overcomplication.After the first two lines the song is really easy to understand. No puns or word play apart from the Yesterday/Another Day jibe.

When you say "Don't be fooled by Paul's charm" this implies that the YOU in the second line (YOU better see...) is the listener not Paul.Is that right?

Does this mean that you think the YOU in the first line (So Sgt Pepper took...) is also directed at the listener and not Paul?
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