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Originally Posted by hibgal View Post
So, in "You better see right through that mother's eyes" we deal with at least two idioms; 'see right through' and 'see through a mother's eyes'. A third, 'to see right', meaning to correct or help [somebody], could also be implied.

To see right through means to ignore, pay no attention to. Through a mother's eyes means to hold cherished illusions about something dear to you or your creation. Properly it should be 'you better see right through through that mother's eye' but that's a very clumsy way to expressing it and it also leaves out the third idiom. So John eliminated the second through and we're left with the line above.

Thinking further on the first line "So Sgt Pepper took you by surprise" it's probably a reference to something said by Paul in an interview. Paul has always credited Sgt Pepper to himself. And it's true, the original idea was Paul's and he contributed to it but he has exaggerated his role. That's what John's getting at. If so, the second line makes even more sense.

In plain English then, the two lines would read something like: So you're taking credit for Sgt Pepper and its success. Well, you better correct that cherished illusion. It also ties in well with the rest of that that verse, in particular "The one mistake you made was in your head."
Thanks for taking time to explain but...I'm beginning to get confused.

Before I give a longer answer can you make it clear? Is 'that mother' Sgt Pepper or Paul or someone else?

By the way I agree that the first line looks like a reaction to something Paul said in an interview but I've looked around and can't find anything. I expected to find something in Rolling Stone from that period but didn't come up with anything. It should be something Paul said after the breakup but before the Imagine sessions. But so far nada.
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