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Thanks for your thoughtful reply hibgal. But I really don't see how you can say that Pepper surprised Paul. He was supremely confident that Pepper was going to amaze everybody, as indeed it did.
And I think that for Paul (and a hell of a lot of other peple) the concept worked fine. The criticism of the concept not working came from Lennon in his 'tell all' interviews and is now applied in hindsight. At the time everybody accepted that the concept worked. It was a psychedelic show put on by an imaginary group with an intro, a middle and an end and even an amazing unexpected encore.
As far as I can see you have no explanation for the 'mother's eyes' line but surely Lennon must have had a good idea of what he was saying here. The rest of the song is very, very clear.
If you do have an explanation then please tell us!
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