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Default Looking for the most complete BBC collection

Some time ago I got CD-R versions of the 9-CD 'Complete Catalogue of Beatles BBC Recordings' released by Panda Records. Now I was thinking of trying to buy them on real CDs (both for the sake of having the original releases with their covers, and because my CD player cannot usually play CD-Rs, for some reason).

I'm not intent on buying these Panda Records CDs specifically, and I'd appreciate a collection that is really as complete as possible, and at least good-sounding. Of course, with the entire programmes, chatter and all. Do you know what would be the best option?

I've been browsing Amazon for some BBC collections, and most of the bad reviews I find are based either on the fact that they are bootleg CDs (which, of course, I know) or on the fact that they can be downloaded for free somewhere (which I cannot be bothered about). And I cannot get a clear idea of which one the most complete one is. Any help?
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