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Default Checking in....

Hello all,

I’m Emma. 37 years young and living on the south coast of England.

Recently I have found myself reconnecting with The Beatles. I went through a huge phase when I was a teen back in the 90s. I spent hours listening to the anthologies, swooning a little over John..(have admittedly been doing that again this week.)

Not sure what brought me back recently but I thought while I am in this little phase I would hop on here and read some threads...although I have to admit I’ve spent a lot of time in the John picspam thread.

Not a lot to say about myself. I’m married, no kids yet. I teach in a special school. I have a class full of 6-9 year olds, mostly on the autistic spectrum. Best job in the world. In my spare time by hubby and I like to explore places of natural beauty. I love music...I’m mostly into rock/metal/alternative/indie etc.
Hope to chat to some of you soon.

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