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McCartney pleads: Lay off Heather Mills

Friday, June 9 2006, 17:59 BST - by Dave West

Sir Paul McCartney has pleaded with critics and the press to leave his estranged wife Heather Mills alone.

The former Beatle reportedly said he was worried about Mills' emotional state and has to comfort her constantly.

"It's almost like a witch-hunt. I'm really worried about her," he told a friend, according to the Daily Mirror. "She's in pieces over this and I wish people could see she's really different from the person she's portrayed as."

He said they are still close and denied there will be a custody battle over their daughter Beatrice. "Under the circumstances we're fine," he told a source. "We're talking, sorting stuff out and making the best of it.

"I can't believe the cruelty towards her. Heather will continue to be an important part of my life. There's still a lot between us and there always will be."

The singer also insisted he knew that Mills had posed naked in 1988, contrary to recent tabloid claims. "There's nothing in her past I don't know about. Nothing," he said. "I knew she'd done the pictures before we married. It was such a long time ago."
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