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Default Re: songs you dislike (or hate)

HMVNipper Posted:

I definitely agree with you, Rell, about Under My Thumb -- the music is so cool, the neat intstruments...but the lyrics totally overshadow that for me. It's such a stark contrast, the great music and the ugly, horrid lyrics! The really obnoxious thing is that I really believe that Mick Jagger DOES treat women that way, even now. I find it sickening.

I guess I did mean "All Apologies" when I was complaining about that Nirvana song. I can't stand them so much that I didn't know it was the wrong title, though I certainly knew what song I was talking about, and clearly so did other people. Still hate it, no matter what it's called.

[/ QUOTE ]

Yeah, me too!

Oh, and while I'm at it...though I do recognize their place in musical history (overrated though it is), I can't STAND the Sex Pistols. One of the worst experiences of my life was being forced to listen to "Never Mind the Bollocks" several times in a row by a so-called "friend" back when it was new. I don't think I ever got over the trauma! And it's not that I don't like Punk, either, because I do like some, by other groups, ones who could actually PLAY. And they didn't have to play WELL, either -- I mean, I like the Ramones. It's just that I am not and never have been of the opinon that simply making a loud, discordant noise and shouting nasty words over it constitutes "music."

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I think "Under My Thumb" has a great melody, but I hate the words for the reasons Susan and Rell stated above. Same holds true for "I'm So Hot For Her." The lyrics - ikkk, but the song sounds good.

I admit that I like the Ramones.

I hate rap, reggae, most Calypso, disco, and punk. I don't care for doo-wop either. I just can't STAND reggae!

I hope I never hear "Every Breath You Take" or "My Heart Will Go On" ever again!

Not to offend Abba fans and I like Abba, but I HATE 1977's "Dancing Queen." That one pisses me off SO much!

I can't stand the Sex Pistols AT ALL and would rather hear air raid sirens. I thought they were a parody of music and were a nihilistic statement that was against music. Anyroad, I can't stand them.
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