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I like both versions. But the album version is just so epic. It really is one of the White Albums anchor songs. I also consider the White Album to be the Beatles crowning achievement so it is difficult for me to imagine it any other way... I made my favorite thread here about this very subject - about how the Beatles is a supremely important artistic achievement...

And I haven't changed my mind really..... It was a happy accident.... But really it could have turned out a million different ways.... Just look how it was created.... One can argue that albums like Revolver and Rubber Soul were obvious... Obvious in the sense that they were the logical outcome of the Beatles development at a certain point in time .... but the White Album throws all that out the window... Its chaos is the's so important that it is bigger than the Beatles themselves....ok this is silly...describing art is a fools game....

But seriously. One thing I prefer about the acoustic version is the clarity of George's vocals. The poignancy of the lyrics gets a bit lost in the album mix.
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