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The stories about Yoko in the studio were told by non other then Paul. I think I'd take his word about that.

Face it. Yoko didn't have a pleasant personality on people she thought could'ntn do anything for her. Some may admire bitches and admire their, "I don't give a fuck" attitudes but there's a fine line between bitchyness, empowerment, and bullying and sadism.
Most of these women I've encountered can't tell the difference and don't care when they've crossed that line. they become abusive. (This can be shown by the way they treat those that are serving them)

Yoko brought a good chunk of it on herself but not all of it. (I know what it's like too. I've got my stalker and her friends treating me like I'm Yoko and I'm sure some of you have been approached by them. I know what it's like to be hated and have people try to erase you).
Yoko and Linda both went throught it on a high level the rest of us just simply won't understand. Yoko isn't unique in that aspect of Beatledom.

Linda was slammed for being a divorce, having a child, having sex with rock stars (gasp! Groupies who think something of themselves), having hairy legs and armpits, her clothing, her knees, controlling her husband, being with him all the time (sound famaliar?), running his life, taking him away from the scenes he formerly was a part of...they both went through it. the only difference was Linda got sick and died and even the worst sinner is a saint upon death (like Nixon)

In fact, many Linda fans gripe and point out how Linda only got love and admiration after she died. (even those that benefited from her work in the FUn Club)

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