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Originally Posted by misfittoy View Post
This isn't true. Linda was villified too from the moment she married Paul. they all wanted Paul to marry Jane or some "english rose". Linda was American (the first Beatle to marry one) and divorced with a daughter. That was very stigmatized back then. She had to endure taunts and onslaughts from the fans especially those who thought she took Paul from them. When she went onstage with Paul in the 70s, she got it from Paul's peers too.
She was good to the fans though, forming and running the Fun Club and getting fans good tickets. I even read a post from one fan who admitted to throwing things at Linda back in the 60s feeling bad when through the Funclub, Linda got her good seats many years later. This fan wished she could apologize.
Poor little Heather, Linda's daughter, couldn't understand why her mother was so villified. in fact, recently, when Paul was asked about the public hatred of Heather, he replied, "Nobody's liked any woman I've been with since Jane." True.
Linda didn't get sanctified until she died.
But it is true on many levels. Yes, what you say about her being vilified is fact. But compared to the level that Yoko was vilified, the kinds of taunts Yoko endured, and the way people- especially in the media and the fans- painted Yoko, Linda was an angel. But there were plenty of people that accepted and liked Linda before she died. There wouldn't have been such an outpour of grief for her if she was hated so passionately. People passionately hated/still hate Yoko. She is almost exclusively fingered out as the main reason for the breakup, for 'ruining John,' for having "alterior motives."

I'm not saying Linda had it easy. Lord the woman didn't deserve any of the sh** flung at her, and she was actually an amazing photographer and should be given FIRST AND FOREMOST credit for the vegetarian stance the McCartney's adpated, as well as for being a cool wife and wonderful mother, and a very Don't give a f*** human being who seemed to transition gracefully from one role to the next- and did most excellent (let's not get into the music bit). However, Yoko has been turned into the spawn of Satan by more than many hack writers, made into a vile monster by fans to this day for many reasons - and some as simple as "she wasn't as pretty as Cynthia."

I just think it's night and day how Yok was treated comapred with Linda.
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