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Originally Posted by BeatleFanForever View Post
How's it going everyone? I hope that everyone's weekend is going great! THE BEATLES vs THE STONES! Sounds like a Godzilla movie! You're talking about two different bands that were very diplomatic and were (And still) the best of friends. It took a BEATLES song (I Wanna Be Your Man) to put THE STONES on the map. THE BEATLES represented the total greatness of Rock n' Roll (They were no saints either) while THE STONES would re-invent the Rock n' Roll lifestyle by taking it to a new level.

The winner and still THE GREATEST of them all... THE BEATLES! Take care.
George Harrison indirectly got the Stones their first recording deal. The man from DECCA who turned down the Beatles, Dick Rowe, was at a party in Liverpool. Professionally embarrassed and not wanting to make another big mistake, under the recommendation of George Harrison he took on the Stones. He may not have rated them himself. The Beatles had heard the unknown Stones live in Richmond in SW London, taken there by one of their crew, who by chance came across them.

Lennon and McCartney were at the Stones recording of I Wanna Be Your Man. They went to the side of the studio and changed the words on the fly, which greatly impressed the Stones. The Stones version was more course with only Jagger singing. The Beatles version was a Merseysound arrangement and all sang in harmonies at some point. But the raw sound the Stones gave out, giving the their first hit, was their watermark and it stayed with them all through. Whether Lennon & McCartney had any input to the arrangement of this sound I don't know. Lennon & McCartney did not like other doing exact copies of their songs, so would have diverted the Stones away from their type of sound.

I was recently talking to an old guy who in 1962/63 was 17. He said he was attending a family wedding opposite the club where the Stones played in Richmond. He and those of his age were bored and went over to this club opposite (never sold alcohol), after first having a few in the pub nearby. It was the Rolling Stones - he had never heard of them. He said he found it amazing that Brian Jones changed a snapped guitar string while he was still playing.

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