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Default Re: News Coverage of George\'s Death

George Harrison's discography:


Electronic Sound
Released by: Apple (1969).

All Things Must Pass
Released by: Apple (1970).

The Concert for Bangla Desh
Released by: Apple (1971). Grammy-winner.

Living in the Material World
Released by: Apple (1973).

Dark Horse
Released by: Apple (1974).

Extra Texture--Read All About It

Released by: Apple (1975).

The Best of George Harrison
Released by: Capitol (1976).

Thirty-Three & 1/3
Released by: Dark Horse (1976).

George Harrison
Released by: Dark Horse (1979).

Somewhere in England
Released by: Dark Horse (1981).

Gone Troppo
Released by: Dark Horse (1982).

Cloud Nine
Released by: Dark Horse (1987).

Best of Dark Horse 1976-1989
Released by: Warner Bros./Dark Horse (1989).

George Harrison Live in Japan
Released by: Warner Bros./Dark Horse (1992).

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