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Originally Posted by HMVNipper
Do you really? I dunno, I still feel the same about Beatles songs even if they've been used in commercials because I don't associate them with the products in any way. They are too ingrained in my consciousness as something totally other than advertising that I just kind of gloss over them if I hear them in ads. The ads certainly haven't changed my perception of the songs.

Sure, how can you not? Even if you do remember the songs as you always have, I'd be willing to bet that for a little while you'd still think of the commercial, or just a scene in the commerical, when you hear the songs. . .even if you didn't want to. Maybe just for a fleeting second, but you still might think of it. It doesn't change your permanent perception of the song, but you might have a fleeting thought of sneakers while listening to Revolution before your ingrained perception of the song takes over. I mean, I couldn't tell you the brands in the commercials if I had to that Jackson sold to the ad agencies, but I still remember that these great songs were used to sell shoes and chips. . .and that's enough to, imperceptibly and unconsciuosly, alter how I think of the song.
I applaud you and envy you that you don't have this problem, but it is one that I think affects more than not. . .especially those who weren't lucky enough to have loved the song prior to exploitation. Newer fans might have a more difficult time separating the song from the commercial. That's the really sad part.
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