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Originally Posted by Colonel Angus View Post
I have used wood glue to do a good, deep clean on old, extremely dirty records. I would never try it on a new album. It's messy and takes days of drying. However, it does a deep, thorough cleaning. I primarily use a Nitty Gritty professional cleaning vacuum. It's much less messy and just as thorough.

That being said, I have not had one click, pop, or snap on my box set recordings. But if I did, I would apply a Nitty Gritty cleaning to it to ensure there was no factory pressing residue in the grooves causing those pops.

I also have a USB connection on my turntable to transfer vinyl to CD. But what's the point? Digital is digital.

did you see the youtube vid of the guy who played back his wood glue peel??
sounds like an old 78.


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