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I always liked the Monkees and they helped define the Dodge Dart Era.

I admit that I was never any Partridge Family fan, and although they, too were a TV show, I always dismissed them as not being a 'real' group. It was a shock for me as a child to see their records in stores or hear "I Think I Love You" on the radio. I never took them seriously and none of them, save for David Cassidy even played an instrument. To this day I don't think of them as anything other than a fluffy, inane TV show.

David Cassidy has written his autobiography in the early 1990s and he was very bitter about his Partridge days. His moans echoed mine - it was a fluffy show that was trite, predictable and had tired story lines. I also didn't like their songs, dismissing them as the creations of a TV machination trying to fob off a fake group at the public's expense. Cassidy was a hard rock afficionado and wanted to spread his musical wings as opposed to beating them in place by doing cheesy bubblegum. While I never cared for the 1970-1974 show, I do agree with his assessment of it.

However, the Monkees were different. Yeah, there was that marketing angle, but that is always to e expected when something catches people's collecive affection. Yeah, there was that Beatle influence going, but at least some of the Monkees actually PLAYED instruments. They had good song writers like Neil Diamond who actually wrote GOOD quality songs and the arrangements were just as good. Peter and Mike were the known musicians of the band and Mike reportedly chafed, as did David Cassidy some 5 years later over not being given musical freedom and versatility. The show, albeit light and fun, was FUNNY. It wasn't predictable in that the Partridge Family was. You had zany, madcap humor, cute guys (and not just the Monkees) and you could count on a good song.
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