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Yes this is good news. But I have to say that Brian Epstein was very lucky as was George Martin to have the brilliant singer song composers John Lennon and Paul McCartney as their employees and clients! It would be any group manager's and producer's dream.

I'm sure that John and Paul and probably George too would have been discovered by someone else sooner or later.George Martin before becoming The Beatles producer,had some success producing comedy and some classical records,but he never had the big success before or after producing The Beatles and he produced quite a few music artists after them.

He himself has said that he has never known or worked with *any* other music artists as brilliant as The Beatles.And Brian Epstein would have stayed a manager of a record store in England that hardly anybody ever heard of.

By the way,my maternal grandmother's good friend for years Sylvia Levy was Brian Epstein's first cousin,and I met her when I was 15.She had been living in this country for decades yet she still had a very obvious Liverpool accent.She told me what I already had learned from my Beatles books,that Brian was very depressed and had emotional problems.

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