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Default Anyone Go To See AHDN In the Movie Theatre?

Anyone else been to the movies to see the rerelease of A Hard Day's Night? I had the opportunity to go and wanted to share my experience here. Please, feel free to add your own experiences to the the thread as well.

Today I went to see The Beatles in A Hard Day's night at the movies. I never thought I'd have an opportunity to say that! As you know, it was the 50th anniversary of release of AHDN and nation wide, running from July 4th to the 17th. If it's playing in or near your city I suggest that you take the opportunity to see it! You can find a list of the cities and the theaters their playing at here:

My viewing experience happened at the Silent Movie Theatre Cinefamily.

A very cool old style theatre with incredible charm. The staff was friendly and helpful. Old frame poster sized photos of silent movie stars line the walls.

I don't know how the movie was started off for others, but here they played clips of Beatles videos, that also included a cartoon from their animated series and behind the scenes footage of them rehearsing 'Hey, Jude'.

Then there were previews for a couple of independent movies, and the show began! After three FALSE starts. The beginning of the movie was silent. Which I guess is kind of funny as it's called the Silent Movie Theatre. They got it right the third try and the movie began.

It looked beautiful restored and the sound was fantastic! So, kudos to the team who did all of that work for the 50th rerelease.

There was lots of laughing. I think John got the biggest laughs. His tub scene especially had people tickled.

At the end of the movie there was plenty of clapping an overall excitement shared by everyone. It was a mix of different ages, backgrounds, etc.

I was sitting next to a man who'd seen the movie released in 1964 when he was 15.

So, I can't say it enough, but go see it if you can because I really enjoyed the experience. Peace and love. Peace and love.

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