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Originally Posted by Bongo View Post
The Capitol CD box sets are true to the real experience. Do these new mixes sound better? Of course they do, they are 2009 U.K. remasters, unlike the Capitol CDs that are not remastered.
Actually Capitol did remaster the 2004 and 2006 box sets. They were superior in sound quality to the CDs issued in 1987.

My own take on the newer CDs is that they allow us to hear what was lost in all that added echo. More of the intended mixes. Fake Stereo or electronic re-channelment was in and of it's time. It had it's time, and we've moved on from it. RCA Records holds a place for the worst re-channeled mix of all time. RCA engineers placed a speaker at the the top of a staircase, two microphones at the base to record the resulting "mix".

Had this been an experiment to find out if a stereo mix could be made this way, I could forgive them. No, they actually released an Elvis Presley album with the staircase mix. Bad Enough already, but it gets worse. They destroyed the original well balanced mono master tapes afterward. Talk about a crime.
There is a happy ending, several decades later release quality copy tapes of those songs were discovered and re-issued. RCA was able to recover from a major mistake. For many years mono sound was the norm, the transition to stereo was not with out its birth pains.
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