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I bought a few of the individual CDs. What I heard was the American mixes gleaned from the 2009 remasters. If a guitar or vocal part was double tracked on the British mix and single tracked on the American, then that is how the song is presented on these new CDs. I think of it as the American titles with a face lift. The Dave Dexter-izations are removed.

But to give Dexter his due, he did what was done to create a stereo mix from mono tapes in the early sixties. 48 track mixing consoles and pro tools software did not exist in 1965. It was the era of echo chambers and electronic delays and reverb units. That is why we have the term "fake stereo". It's mono sound tricking you into thinking it's actually stereo.

In the notes in the 2009 CDs mention that several songs are presented in mono on them - because fake stereo has fallen out of favor. So I guess that same thinking is in effect here.

One plus to the new American versions is the use of the reproduction inner sleeves. (Back in the vinyl days I used to like looking at the inner sleeves and seeing the adds for other albums.) Also the CDs have a protective poly sleeve, ala the Mono Box.

When I listened to the Yesterday And Today CD I heard all the little things that separated the American mixes from the British ones. I just heard them in better clarity, it was very much like listening to Yesterday And Today ... Naked.
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