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Originally Posted by Lucy View Post
Mr Hewetson said the release of the Rock Band game meant there was a new lot of young people who appreciated the Beatles.

“At least the young ones don’t come in now and look at them and say, ‘who are those guys?’” he said.
I'm really glad younger people are able to recognize and appreciate who they were, because of modern releases such as Rockband. Everyone knows who the Beatles are now... but, for example, I was talking to another university student on the bus the other day (early 20's, same age as me) who had never heard of Frank Sinatra before. I'd be astonished beyond words if I was talking to someone and they'd never HEARD of the Beatles.

I'm grateful the Beatles are still a part of popular culture today. Because of the modern surge in the interest of the group (i.e. Rockband), more people are able to understand how influential they really were. (if they weren't actually THAT big, we wouldn't still be talking about them today!)
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