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Default Re: What if the Beatles had made one more album.

I couldn't believe that the first draft for the LP didn't include 'It don't come easy'! Wha'?
A glaring omission....but that's just my music-obsessed opinion, hee....
I won't go so far as to draft a track list but I'd like to suggest and maybe alter/rectify a few things from my personal point of view....
OK, defo 'I.D.C.E.' for the Ringo song, but with the middle 8 (Sorry George, 'bridge'..) from the George vocal demo reinstated, therefore creating the definitive version. And how I do deeply wish that George had recorded 'Window window' properley, the best version being the acoustic demo on 'Beware of Abkco' ....and if I'm getting imaginative I also wish George had sang 'Sour milk sea' with the same arrangement - now THAT would have been a memorable 1st time A-side for George. Now, why on Earth was 'A love for you' left off 'Ram'? That and 'Back seat..' defo have to go on here! And 'Monkberry Moon delight' would have been great done by The Beatles, G.Martin produced & without those off-key harmonies by a tone deaf American.
'Gimme some truth' simply has to be on here know it.
A finished Beatles EMI studio arrangement of 'All things must pass' w/harmonies, etc, would have been real swell....I think the definitive version is on the 2CD 'All things must surface' set - no suffocating horns making a pantomime out of a serious song......but we'll most certainly leave the horn arrangement intact for 'Run of the mill'...oh yes. Shame, but I can't see 'I found out' being on there, what with the Paul, I think that's enough personal ammendments for now!!!

Lastly and most importantly......
the album must be 100% Spector - free.

What do people think????????
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